1.  Converse in English to improve your spoken language.
2.  Greet all your teacher and elders. Stand up at once and wish the teacher or visitors when he/she enters or leaves the
class room.
3.  Be polite while speaking to elders in general.
4.  Maintain discipline in the absence of the teacher.
5.  Keep your school clean and tidy so that you may feel proud of it.
6.  Aim at full attendance and unfailing punctuality so that you may get the best out of the school.
7.  Take part in games .Recreation refreshes the mind and gives renewed energy to study.
8.  Behave well even outside the school in such a way that your teachers and parents may be proud of you.
9. Take part in all the inter-school and inter-house extra curricular activities and make the best of the opportunities
offered to you.
10.Never waste time .Time is precious.
11.Be regular in studies.
12.Strive for excellence in every thing.
13.Cultivate the habit of quiet ,controlled movement and speech.

Note to parents:

      The hand book is the most effective medium of parents-teacher communication. Parents are requested to check the Hand Book daily ,look in for home work , endorsements made by the teacher and to communicate their wishes through the Hand Book.


      Parents who seek information or who wish to make suggestions should do so to the principal and not to the class Teacher s. The principal can be met on all working days after prior appointment .parents can meet teachers regarding the child`s progress after getting permission from the principal and may do so only between 3.30 and4.00p.m.


      Parents Cultivate the habit of quiet ,controlled movement and speech and guardians are requested not to meet their children or interview the teachers during the class hours without prior permission from the prinicipal.


      Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline by taking interest in their child`s progress .They should check the diary and note the homework set and see that the home work is done.


      Progress report will be given to the parents after 4 days of every unit Test and every Terminal Exams .open day will be conducted and the progress reports will be handed over by the respective class Teachers.


1.  This diary should be brought to school daily.
2.  Pupil must be in the school premises 10 minutes before the first bell.Late comers will be marked absent for half-a-day.
3.  The school uniform must be worn on all school days and for school function. pupils in ununiform will not be allowed
in. Pupils should be clean and tidy in body ,dress and belongings.
4.  Jewellery must not be worn when coming to school ,exchange of money or other transaction are not allowed between
5.  Pupils are responsible for the safety of their own belongings. School cannot assume any responsibility for the loss of
the pupil`s belongings .
6.  Writting or scribbling on walls ,dirtying the class room or damaging any school property is forbidden .Articles
damaged by children must be paid for if required at the discretion of the principal.
7.  No pupil suffering from contagious or infectious disease shall be allowed to attend the school.
8. Every pupil must take part in the school games and other activities unless physically unfit or exempted by the
9.  Collection of money by pupils for any purpose whatever requires prior sanction of the principal.
10. Parents are requested NOT to give any money to their children ,except on written request from the school . Children
are not allowed to purchase any articles or food from unauthorized dealers at or near school premises.
11. To ensure uniformity, all books ,Note-Books &Eco-flex wrappers are to be purchased from the school.
12. A record of the addresses of the parents or guardians is maintained in the school office .Any changes of address
should be communicated without delay.
13. English is encouraged to be spoken in the school premises to acquire greater ease in the study of the language.
14. Politeness , courtesy in speech and Good conduct are expected from the pupil.
15. Every pupil is urged to contribute to the high moral and spiritual standards set for the school by his/her manner and
16. Parents and guardians are requested to see that boys come to school with their hair properly cut. No boys with long
hair will be allowed in the class .Girls should have their hair in two plaits.
17. The school reserves the right to dismiss a pupil on grounds of irregular attendance ,habitual lack of application,
disobedience to teacher or any kind of malpractice ,objectionable behavior inside the premises or elsewhere.
18. No arrangement will be made for holding special disseminators of absentees before or after the time fixed for the
19. Pupil absent for examination without genuine reasons will be considered as failed.
20. Parents are requested to read the rules carefully and see that they are followed. Reports which are sent to the parents
from time to time should be duly signed and returned within 2 days.
21. Parents may meet the principal for any information or for making any complaints. No complaints should be made
direct to the class teacher.

Leave of Absence

22. Leave of absence is not granted expect on written application from parent or guardian. In case of long leave on
grounds of illness ,a medical certificate will have to be produced.
23. Pupils must be present in the school on the reopening day and also on the last day before the terminal holidays begin.

Issue of T.C.
1. Transfer certificate will be issued only on the production of a written application from the parent or guardian.
2. Transfer certificate will be issued only to those who have fully settled all dues.
3. Pupil leaving the school in the middle of the terms must pay the fees for the next terms.
4. Application for T.C should be made atleast 15 days prior to the date requirement of T.C.

1. Pupil may borrow books from the library . They should return them within the prescribed time.
2. If a book is misplaced or damaged ,the pupil will have to pay the cost of the book.
3. A second book will not be given unless the first one is returned.
4. A fine will be levied if the book is not returned on time.
5. Pupil should maintain a record of the extra reading done by them in the pages allotted for the purpose in their diaries.

1. Parents should see that their wards do not absent themselves from school expect under unavoidable circumstances.
2. The pupil should be in the school premises before the first bell.
3. If a pupil is expected to be absent from school ,application for leave must be made in the prescribed column in the
diary and after prior sanction obtained.
4. In case of absence due to sickness, a medical certificate must be sent to the school and the same may be recorded in the
5. No absence is allowed on the reopening day as well as on the last day of each term
6. A minimum of 90%-attendance is a must for promotion to higher classes.
7. Attendence is compulsory for all school functions.

Examination and Reports:
1. The school will conduct three sets of examinations Assignment Test/Mid-term Test /Terminal Tests. Scholastic and
Non-Scholastic achievements will be assessed periodically for all classes.
2. Progress reports will be issued on open Day. Parents must collect the report cards from the class teachers on prescribed days .These should be returned duly signed within two days .parents may discuss the progress of their children with the principal after fixing up a prior appointment. Report cards will not be handed over to the child.

1. A pupil is promoted to the higher class on the basis of his /her performance during the whole year.
Regularity in attendance and studies is imperative .T o secure a promotion ,a student must obtain a minimum 50% on an average in every subject in the High school section and a minimum of 60% percentage on an average in every subject in the primary section along with the minimum 90% of attendance as mentioned earlier.
Results declared at the end of the year is final and will not be reconsidered under any circumstances.
A pupil whose conduct is not up to the school standard shall be asked to leave the school .Further, a

Medical Examination:
All pupil are obliged to undergo Medical Examination by the school . Parents are requested to co-operate with the school for effective follow up treatment

Financial :
The school management has adopted a policy to collect Tuition fees Annually /Three term period.

Fees can be paid annually with 5% discount.
Term fee payers should pay II&III Term fee before 10th of the first month of each term. A fine of RS.100/-is to be charged for the subsequent 10 days .Thereafter it may lead to cancellation of admission.
All rules and regulations are subject to any modification if found necessary in the interest of the school.


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