Our Mission

Our Mission

Little angles will provide a safe, supportive learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop the skills and knowledge to become a responsible, successful citizen. We aim to develop independence, co-operation and self motivation in our pupils.

Our Core Values:


We believe that…

Each person has equal intrinsic value, worthy of dignity and respect. We are responsible for our choices and their effect on ourselves, others and the environment. Being open to new ideas and challenging experiences enriches our lives. Mutual respect, trust and caring foster healthy interpersonal relationships. Embracing our diversity makes us a stronger community. In an interconnected world, our positive contributions to the community and the environment are essential. Individuals thrive in a nurturing environment that provides for their physical and emotional safety.

Strategic Objectives

We will align expected outcomes, assessment, teaching, learning and reflection on practice in order to support our mission and student learning objectives.
The school will hire, develop and retain staff members who embody the school mission and core values.
We will actively communicate, support, and contribute to our core values, mission and student learning objectives so that our community lives the shared vision.
We will strategically use all possible resources* to create a learning community aligned with our core values and mission.


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