Library Resources

Online catalog: Students have 24-hour access to Destiny, our library catalogue. Destiny provides students with information about the resources we carry, including summaries, reading levels, and availability.

Books: We have over 50,000 books, and we get hundreds of new books each year! Our extensive collection of fiction, non-fiction, and reference books includes both hard-copy print and digital resources. Books in every reading level and genre are available, and we even have books in foreign languages to promote literacy in as many languages as possible. We have eBooks as well, which patrons can read using school computers or at home. Students and parents may check out materials for two weeks, with the possibility for further renewal.

Online Databases: The libraries subscribe to a variety of online databases of magazines, journals, newspapers and other research tools.

Periodicals/Newspapers: We subscribe to over 100 magazines, journals and newspapers. Please click here to see what our subscriptions are. Teacher Resources: In addition to professional development books and journals, the libraries have an extensive collection of instructional and recreational DVDs, Videos, and audio CDs that teachers can use for classroom use. We also have digital cameras, video cameras, DVD players, smart board/ projectors, audio players and satellite TV that classes can use for projects.

Library Services

Computers: Each library has computers that patrons can use for research-related activities. Both black-and-white and color printing is available. Library Services: The library staff is able to offer students, parents, and teachers a wide range of services. We can recommend books and other resources for pleasure reading, research, or general inquiry. We can also provide library patrons assistance in locating materials, using online databases effectively, and much more. If you need any assistance, please make sure to ask any of our library staff.

Library Events: The libraries sponsor many activities throughout the year, including author visits, book clubs, and special reading-related events. The libraries also organize at least three book fairs a year so that students and parents can buy wonderful books at great prices.


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